Partnership Opportunities
ASTI offers Certification / Training for corporate partners both in the Middle
East and Worldwide. Asti’s worldwide networks of training partners have
been running accredited courses at least last 21 years

Why partner with ASTI?
For over two decades, ASTI has provided leading edge Consultancy/Technical Education training in Middle East. Our unique approach has ensured
that Asti has established an international reputation for Consultancy/Training excellence.

What does ASTI offer?
ASTI courses are broadly based around Environmental, Technical and Management education. Accreditation for some courses comes from KHDA. ASTI also specialize in designing and tailoring courses in other subject Areas to the individual training needs of the audience by meeting the Training objectives of our clients.

What sets ASTI training courses apart?
ASTI training courses are geared towards the encouragement of delegate Participation, through a combination of presentations, team based Exercises, quizzes and feedback sessions. Our courses adhere To the principles of Expertise, Experience, Excellence and Enjoyment. At ASTI, we believe that ‘training’ should be just that: effective Education through active participation.

Completion of an ASTI training course does not simply mean a Certificate. Delegates can expect to come away from a ASTI course with the applicable knowledge and skills through which to achieve personal and corporate success.

What costs are involved?
ASTI may charge an annual fee, plus a smaller ‘per delegate’ fee, or per course fee. Alternatively we may charge a per course fee.

Onsite Training
Looking for an entirely flexible approach to training that allows you to learn on your own premises, within our own company environment, and at a pace and level that suits your team? If so, ASTI On-Site Training is your best option. We offer your team the opportunity to experience training focused on your organization’s requirement:

• Cost effective options – we come to you so your employee travel costs are minimized or even eliminated.
• Location convenience to suit you and your participants.
• Focus on real issues to help you achieve your objectives.
• Experienced trainers who can adapt to meet participant needs and deliver results.
• Cross-departmental understanding that promotes team building and team knowledge.
• Preparation for Onsite Technical Education Training:
• Select core group of your employees (minimum 4) to attend the entire Onsite training session

On-the-job training offered by ASTI allows employees to learn by actually performing a specific job or task. The employee will perform. The job and learn as he goes. On-the-job training can be structured by
Using hands-on application supported by classroom-type instruction. It can also be unstructured using only hands-on application.

The advantages of this method are:
• Immediate feedback on performance
• Swift remediation if task is not performed to standard

How does it work?

• The position is regular, full-time with a minimum of 32 hours per week
(Not temporary or seasonal)
• The position pays has to pay wages may not be less than the current
Industry standard)
• We develop a training or on boarding plan for the new hire
• The employer agrees to retain the employee after successful completion
Of on-the-job training
• Only hours worked on the job will be reimbursed (vacations, sick leave,
Etc. will not be reimbursed)
• The employer gets reimbursed at the midpoint and/or completion point of
• The company must have established operations in its current location for
• At least 120 days
• The employer may not lay off and replace a current employee with a new
• Hire enrolled in OJT